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Our Beloit worker’s compensation attorneys will fight to get you the fair and just compensation you deserve if you are injured at work. When you went to work, the last thing you thought would happen is that you would suffer a work-related injury or illness. Workplace injuries happen more often than people think and leave many Americans unable to do their jobs for an extended period of time. In extreme cases, some injured workers are unable to return to their position due to the extent of their injuries.

These are both instances in which you should seek legal help. Our Beloit worker’s compensation attorneys from Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf can provide you with the representation you need to retrieve the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Accidents & Injuries

There are state and federal laws in place that protect workers injured on the job, whether those injuries be physical or psychological. Worker’s compensation enables the injured worker to receive financial compensation for medical expenses, time off from work, and permanent partial disability. A large majority of Beloit workers have access to worker’s compensation benefits but may not be aware that they are entitled to them. Employees working both full or part-time in the public or private sector may be eligible.

You may have several questions about your claim at this time, such as how to prepare and document your claim, if your workplace will accept your claim, and what compensation you may ultimately obtain. Experienced Beloit worker’s compensation attorneys at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need.

We have represented the injured worker since 1948 and will fight to make sure that you are fully compensated for your work-related injuries. Contact us today at 414-257-2667 to speak with a Beloit worker’s compensation attorney who can make you aware of your legal options. You don’t pay us a dime until we win your case.

Frequent Questions for Beloit Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

You have a claim if you suffered a loss because of a job-related injury. This means that to get worker’s compensation, you have to show three things:

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