Greenfield Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

Greenfield worker’s compensation attorneys help you get your claim accepted and get you the compensation you deserve when you are injured at work. Many complications can erupt from being injured at work. You may have to miss work for several months as a result of a serious injury. Throughout this time, you must still be able to afford the costs of living as well as the medical expenses associated with your recovery. If you have been injured at work in Greenfield, Wisconsin, it is important to seek the help of experienced worker’s compensation attorneys to secure your losses and damages.

Numerous laws at the state level protect injured workers. Both public and private sector workers can apply for worker’s compensation benefits. Without the aid of an experienced worker’s compensation attorney, many individuals are denied appropriate compensation or unfairly denied outright.

Common Work-Related Injuries

The Greenfield worker’s compensation attorneys at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf protect a broad range of employees in the state suffering from various workplace illnesses and injuries. This includes, but is not limited to, injuries sufficient enough to cause permanent or temporary disability. While a majority of Greenfield workers have access to worker’s compensation benefits, many of them are not aware that such benefits exist in the first place. Common work-related injuries include:

  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Repetitive use injuries

We understand that you must come up with a way to afford unexpected expenses as well as address existing financial responsibilities. It is our duty to help you recover losses through the state laws in place to protect your rights as an injured worker.

Under state law, employers must have worker’s compensation coverage for all employees. If your worker’s compensation claim is denied or you need help filing one, our dedicated worker’s compensation lawyers are ready to represent you immediately.

Do not suffer from any workplace injury without getting the compensation you deserve. Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf attorneys have represented the injured worker since 1948 and will fight to ensure adequate compensation for your work-related injuries. We have also recovered Social Security Disability Insurance for various injuries and disabilities. Contact us today at 414-257-2667 to speak with an experienced Greenfield worker’s compensation attorney. There are no fees until we win your case.

Frequent Questions for Greenfield Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

You have a claim if you suffered a loss because of a job-related injury. This means that to get worker’s compensation, you have to show three things:
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