Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents in Wisconsin Winters

slip and fall

Temperatures drop sharply in January and February in Wisconsin, leading to slippery surfaces. You can avoid slip and fall accidents at your workplace by taking some precautions. While your employer also has a duty of care to prevent those accidents, you shouldn’t ignore your safety. If you sustained an injury at work, a Milwaukee workers’ comp attorney could ensure you get compensated.

8 Ways You Can Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in Your Workplace

Some preventions and precautions can reduce your chances of slipping and injuring yourself at your workplace:

1. Shuffle Like A Penguin

Take short steps, focus on your feet, and remain flat-footed to maintain your center of balance on icy pavements and floors.

2. Walk Slowly

Slow down when you walk on ice or snow to prevent slips. Even if you usually walk slowly, slow it down further just to be safe.

3. Wear Appropriate Footwear

Heels and flats will not cut it in the winter. These don’t have the traction to keep you upright on slippery surfaces. Choose shoes with non-slip soles, low heels, deep and wide threads, or go with cleats.

4. Reduce Your Load

Take multiple trips to your car if you have to, but reduce your load. Your hands should be free as you walk on slippery surfaces – you can balance yourself if you are about to slip.

5. Monitor the Weather

Refreezing, freezing, and melting cycles are particularly dangerous. The chances of encountering black ice on your way to work or at the workplace are high during these times. Monitor the weather so you can wear appropriate footwear and take due precautions.

6. Reduce Distractions

Focus on where you place your feet when walking on slippery surfaces. Don’t have your phone to your ear and focus on the floor.

7. Step Down From Cars and Curbs

Parking lot slip and fall accidents are pretty common during Wisconsin winters. Reduce your chances by stepping out flat-footed from your car. Step down with both feet before standing up.

8. Walk on Marked Pathways

Shortcuts may not be treated with salt like marked paths may be. Avoid the former and choose the latter to avoid accidents. Keep some salt handy if you are in a hurry and need to take a shortcut.

What Employers Should Do To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure your safety during winter. Here are some things that they should do to reduce slip and fall accidents:

  • Downspouts and gutters should be redirected away from walkways so they don’t form pools that can freeze and cause accidents.
  • Warn employees about freeze and thaw cycles so they can take necessary precautions.
  • Reduce downward flow by plowing snow before walkway grades.
  • Repair broken walkways. Uneven surfaces can collect water that can turn into slippery ice.
  • Designate safe paths to walk to and from the office building, so workers don’t have to take hazardous shortcuts.

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