Can I Get Workers’ Comp for a Slip and Fall Accident?

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There are jobs that everyone recognizes as hazardous, such as operating manufacturing machinery, construction, or commercial fishing. There are also jobs that most people don’t view as particularly hazardous at all, such as office work. And yet, pretty much all occupations can involve injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims. In fact, that’s why every state, including Wisconsin, has a workers’ compensation system.

Under Wisconsin workers’ compensation law, anyone working for an employer who has at least three employees is covered by workers’ compensation. Some employers are exempt, such as farmers, but the vast majority of Wisconsin employees come under the workers’ comp system. Employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employee’s injuries. In exchange, employees generally cannot sue their employers for damages from on-the-job injuries – including slips and falls.

Workers’ Comp Coverage Is Far-Reaching

Workers’ compensation coverage is about as broad as you could want. The law requires that employers purchase Wisconsin workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries at work. That insurance covers injuries of all kinds so long as they occur in the course of an employee’s activities “growing out of and incidental to” that employment. That means if you are doing your job and suffer a slip and fall accident that causes you to be injured you can get workers’ compensation benefits. This includes injuries from:

  • Slip and fall accidents that happen while on a work permitted break.
  • Slip and fall accidents that happen walking from your car across the company parking lot.
  • Slip and fall accidents that happen while performing any of the duties of your job.

That’s good news because slip-and-falls are the second-leading cause of workplace injuries. Along with the other top three leading causes of workplace injuries, slips and falls cause 84 percent of all non-fatal workplace injuries that result in days away from work. Further, they can be difficult to guard against. Slip and fall accidents can happen due to any of the following reasons and more:

  • Wet floors.
  • Floors that are made slippery by spills.
  • Floors covered with workplace debris.
  • Floors and stairways that are not properly maintained.

Slips or trips because of such conditions need not even result in falls to cause an injury. For example, an employee can slip on a slick or wet floor but grab a handrail or some other object and be able to avoid falling. That employee still could pull a muscle or suffer some other injury, which would be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

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