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How New Law 2021 Wisconsin Act 232 Could Affect Worker’s Comp

Wisconsin Governor Evers signed the 2021 Wisconsin Act 232 into law in April 2022. This law substantially changed the state’s workers’ compensation rules, particularly permanent partial disability (PPD) cal...

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Is Workers’ Comp Based On My Income?

Workers’ compensation in Wisconsin offers essential benefits if you are sidelined with a work-related injury or illness. You may be eligible for benefits for medical expenses and income to offset what you los...

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Filing Workers’ Comp Without A Lawyer Is Almost Always A Bad Idea

You were walking in the warehouse at work and slipped in grease spots. As a result, you sprained your ankle and back and can’t work for a month. Should you hire a workers’ compensation attorney to file a cl...

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How Violating Medical Work Restrictions Can Jeopardize Your Workers’ Comp

So, you were injured on the job. You may be able to go back to work if you have a light-duty assignment and medical work restrictions. But, what should you do if your employer violates your work restrictions? A...

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