Racine Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

Racine worker’s compensation lawyers represent the rights of injured workers in Wisconsin. Several hardships can come about after suffering a workplace injury. It can be difficult to manage your recovery while also trying to figure out how to pay all the unexpected bills that follow. If your injury is serious enough, it could keep you out of work for several weeks or months. In the worst-case scenario, you may not be able to return to your industry after the accident. In Racine, Wisconsin, workers have important rights. State laws protect workers who have been injured. If you are currently suffering from an injury that you incurred on the job, our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to serve you.

A serious injury can lead to a pile of debt you did not anticipate. You may be having trouble paying off medical bills while wondering what you can do to recover for lost wages. Whether you work in the private or public sector, the majority of Racine workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and do not even know it. In fact, over 98% of workers in Wisconsin are covered by the Worker’s Compensation Act. This act ensures that workers are covered for medical expenses, temporary total disability, and permanent partial disability. These protections exist for a variety of workers, whether you work a manual job or in an office setting.

When you need a solution, our Racine worker’s compensation attorneys at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf are available to guide you through your options. We understand this is a difficult time and anticipate that you may have several questions about the legal process and what benefits you are eligible to receive. Many of our clients are victims of injuries who do not fully understand their rights as workers. Our team of attorneys in Racine works hard to help you receive the benefits you deserve. We are dedicated to guiding you throughout the entire process. We can also help you fight claims that have been denied.

Whether you work part-time or full time, you likely have workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. Don’t hesitate to receive your fair share for your injuries. Whether you have endured physical injuries or an illness, many types of injuries are covered. Bruises, burns, fractures, cuts, crushing injuries, sprains, strains, amputations, paralysis, loss of hearing and sight, and even disfigurement are all covered by the law. Wisconsin worker’s compensation laws also cover psychological harm, accidental injuries, and occupational diseases.
We invite you to explore your options with us. Since 1948, we have been the “injured worker’s law firm” in Wisconsin, standing up for the rights of all who have suffered devastating accidents at work. We represent clients seeking worker’s compensation and social security disability insurance benefits. Call our Racine worker’s compensation lawyers414-257-2667 to begin the process. You won’t pay a dime until we win you money.

Frequent Questions for Racine Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

You have a claim if you suffered a loss because of a job-related injury. This means that to get worker’s compensation, you have to show three things:
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