Why It is Important to Report All Work Accident Injuries

Workers' Compensation

If you were injured on the job in Wisconsin, it is imperative you report your accident to your supervisor as soon as possible. Not only is it your right to report your injuries — it is your legal duty. Should you fail to report an accident, it could make it more difficult to get access to medical care or workers’ comp benefits. Here, our Milwaukee workers’ comp lawyers explain why it is so important to report a workplace accident promptly in Wisconsin.

Three Reasons Why You Should Report All Workplace Injuries in Wisconsin

You Have an Obligation to Report Work Accidents

Wisconsin law is crystal clear: All work accident injuries should be promptly reported. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to report a workplace accident. As a worker, your failure to comply with the state’s regulations could undermine your ability to bring a successful workers’ comp claim. The Department of Workforce Development emphasizes that injured workers should:

  • Tell your supervisor that you think you suffered an injury immediately — even if the injury is relatively minor;
  • Get all necessary medical attention as soon as possible, potentially including seeking first aid and seeing a doctor; and
  • Maintain records of your medical care and any related payment information.

The best practice is to report your injury to your supervisor or your company’s human resources department on the day it happened or at the earliest point you can. Though, Wisconsin law generally gives an employee 30 days to report a job-related injury.

It is Your Right to Report a Work Accident Injury

Regardless of how your work accident injury occurred, you have the legal right to report it to your employer and seek workers’ comp benefits. Wisconsin employers are required to accept reports from injured workers, notify their insurance carrier, and are strictly prohibited from taking any retaliatory action against an injured employee. If your employer pressured you into concealing your injuries or if your employer took adverse action against you because you got hurt, call a Milwaukee workers’ comp lawyer right away.

Getting Proper Medical Care and Workers’ Comp Benefits Will Be Easier

Reporting your work accident will help to ensure you access the right medical care and the maximum available workers’ comp benefits. In many ways, the claims process starts in the immediate aftermath of a workplace accident. You should notify your supervisor, seek the medical attention you need, and get started with the paperwork to get workers’ comp benefits to cover all your related medical expenses and any lost wages.

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