Workers’ Compensation In Wisconsin And Independent Contractors

Workers' Compensation In Wisconsin

The vast majority of employees in Wisconsin are covered by no-fault workers’ compensation insurance. An employer has a duty to ensure that it obtains the proper, legally mandated coverage for all of its employees. The key term is “employees” — employers in Wisconsin do not need to provide workers’ comp insurance coverage for the independent contractor that they rely on. In this blog post, our workers’ compensation lawyer in Wisconsin explains the key things to know about the rights of independent contractors who were hurt on the job.

Employers Must Provide Workers’ Comp Coverage for Employees, Not Contractors
Wisconsin has broad workers’ compensation coverage requirements in place. The state mandates that all employers with three or more part-time or full-time employees must obtain insurance immediately. An employer with one or two total employees has some additional time to get workers’ comp coverage. As noted previously, the state mandates workers’ comp coverage for employees. Workers’ comp insurance does not need to cover contractors.

Classification Rules: Employers Do Not Get to Decide Who is an Independent Contractor
An employer does not get to choose who is an independent contractor. Under Wisconsin state law (Wis. Stats. § 102.07(8)), there is a complex set of standards in place that an individual must meet in order to be lawfully classified as an independent contractor. If a worker is improperly misclassified as an independent contractor instead of an employee, they may be missing out on key workplace benefits, including the right to workers’ comp insurance. Businesses and organizations in Wisconsin can face serious sanctions for misclassifying workers.

If you were hurt on the job and your worker’s compensation claim is being denied because they are classifying you as an independent contractor, you need to speak to a qualified Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorney. We can determine whether you are an employee or an independent contractor under the law. If you are an employee, we can fight for your worker’s compensation benefits.

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