Independent Medical Examinations

Serious injury accidents typically involve high payments from those who are at fault or insurance companies. Because it can be so costly to treat such injuries, those who must pay compensation want to ensure that the injuries are real before issuing payment. That’s where the purpose of an IME comes in.

If you have recently filed a worker’s compensation claim in Wisconsin, you have probably been ordered to undergo an IME or Independent Medical Exam by your employer’s insurance company. An IME is a medical evaluation that is conducted by a physician with whom you have no established relationship. Companies that carry worker’s compensation insurance have a legal right to request this type of exam for the purpose of receiving an unbiased diagnosis. While that sounds fair, it is often the case that these highly paid doctors offer diagnoses that benefit the insurance company and their attorneys.

When you are requested to submit to an IME, a doctor is selected by the insurance company or the insurance company’s defense attorney to evaluate your condition and determine how much treatment you really need, or the degree to which you are truly disabled. Although in theory doctors are supposed to issue unbiased medical care, doctors who work for these companies stand to make significant income providing diagnoses that are favorable to the insurance companies, leading to you receiving an insubstantial claim.

Because these doctors protect the interests of the insurance company representing your employer, they do not have your best interests at heart. To make sure you get the most out of this type of examination, you should speak with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who can give you advice relevant to your upcoming independent medical exam.

The doctor’s IME diagnosis stands to carry a heavy influence in the amount of benefits you can receive for medical bills, lost wages, and permanent partial disability. You could be left with a meager sum compared to what you are legally entitled to based on your condition. By working with compassionate worker’s compensation attorneys, you can take all the necessary steps toward ensuring that your condition is rightfully diagnosed.

An attorney at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf can help you with a number of things pertaining to independent medical exams, including:

– Helping you prepare for the exam procedure

– Helping you understand what to expect from the exam

– Helping you find another doctor who is not selected by the insurance company or your employer

– Informing you of your rights to see your own physician for a second opinion

Talk to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Wisconsin today to learn more about your upcoming independent medical exam. For over 65 years, attorneys at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf have prepared injured workers for IMEs in order to ensure they get the most funds possible. Since 1948 we have been Milwaukee’s “injured worker’s law firm” serving Wisconsin workers. Call 414-257-2667; there is no fee until we win for you!

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