Toxic Exposure

Toxic exposure is a daily concern in some industries. Certain jobs present dangers that workers may or may not be aware of. Even if those workers are aware of the toxicity of items or hazardous material that they may be exposed to, there is always a possibility that they may contract an illness even after taking all the necessary precautions.

Those most vulnerable to these dangers are individuals working in areas that use solvents or chemicals like manganese or benzene. Exposure to paints and exhaust that emit toxic particles or mercury can also be a problem that can lead to a chronic or debilitating illness. In the most severe cases, the individual can even contract a deadly disease.

Even those working within the perceived safety of an office can find themselves falling victim to such dangers. This can occur due to a poorly ventilated office space or the employer failing to address clear and present threats. In either instance, the afflicted worker has the right to receive worker’s compensation for their work-related illness.

Asbestos Exposure in the Workplace

One of the most notable dangers for all workers is the presence of asbestos, which can lead to devastating diseases like mesothelioma. Welders tend to be particularly vulnerable to asbestos exposure, which can cause brain damage, mobility concerns, and the onset of depression.

The scope of the problems connected to asbestos is apparent with as many as 11 million people exposed to it over the course of four decades until it was banned. The belief is that a minimum of 220,000 people have or will develop mesothelioma, with some estimates pushing the amount to over one million people.

Worker’s Compensation in Wisconsin

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